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Simply put, we have 3 goals.


Promote our beautiful countryside and its people. 
The North Coast is worth a visit and not only for the whales (which are indeed majestic). The landscapes are breathtaking and the people are welcoming. There are activities for all interests, such as exploring the marine park, archeological sites, festivals and concerts, etc. Enough for you to stay a few days! 

Hosteling and sustainable development

Sustainable development can take many forms, including eco-tourism, which promotes the discovery of nature while respecting ithe environment and its people. Our goal is to do our best, do our part in making resolutions such as zero waste, rainwater recovery, local buying, etc. These challenges will evolve with time, and so will we. 

Offer affordable lodging for everyone

We offer affordable services, without neglecting comfort, tourism information and a place that allows the opportunity to learn about our rich and diversified community.


In 2016, we bought the house known then as ORES- previously a research group studying minke whales. This beautiful site has been a source of inspiration ever since, a place where exchanged ideas make eyes sparkle, and smiles are endless.

There is more..... Between the months of august and september, there are blueberries EVERYWHERE.

Since then, we have been renovating the house with patience and love, mostly by ourselves but often with help from family and friends. All of it to come to this point... Open our hostel!

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